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The Cape Town conference scheduled on April 6-7, 2020 has been POSTPONED INDEFINITELY.

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What is ITS?

ITS works as both an online and offline community where academic, business, and government researchers, industry practitioners, policy makers, and international bodies can consolidate, trade, and discuss specific research and information as they develop.

The main way we achieve that goal is by providing live forums, the biggest of which are our biennial international conferences, where we respond to specific needs as they develop. Beyond that, we also have a membership journal, newsletter, and this website.

ITS Blog

What is the future of the Internet?

How can appropriate network investment and the allocation of spectrum be ensured and the increasingly complex demands for (local) cloud computing and differentiated traffic delivery be met in a future Internet? And how should issues related to privacy and security be addressed? As the Internet ecosystem rapidly evolves and fixed and mobile broadband access technologies are converging, content and application delivery via cloud-based server infrastructures operated by hypergiant firms are shaping how the majority of Internet traffic is delivered and broadening the array of content that is available.

Telecommunications Policy

The official, multidisciplinary journal of ITS

Message from the Chair

ITS Chair Stephen Schmidt

Dear ITS Colleagues:

(Excerpts from ITS Chair’s Opening Remarks in Lusaka)

It is a great honour to be here and to welcome all of you to the 2nd African Regional Conference of the International Telecommunications Society (ITS), organized in cooperation with the University of Zambia, the academic host.

In reviewing the Conference program in recent weeks, I found it very striking that the major themes and focus of the Conference – including mobile banking, e-health, education, and competition in mobile telephony — resonate not only within Zambia, but in Africa more generally and, indeed, around the world.

This is because countries all around the world are grappling with the same fundamental questions about how communications can improve societal outcomes across a broad range of endeavours including health, education, government and the economy overall.