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ITS works as both an online and offline community where academic, business, and government researchers, industry practitioners, policy makers, and international bodies can consolidate, trade, and discuss specific research and information as they develop.

The main way we achieve that goal is by providing live forums, the biggest of which are our biennial international conferences, where we respond to specific needs as they develop. Beyond that, we also have a membership journal, newsletter, and this website.

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Covid-19 smartphone-based contact tracking and tracing: an international perspective

Bronwyn Howell, October 2020

Last month, the International Telecommunications Society, a forum for leading practitioners, academics and policy-makers to meet and share ideas, hosted a webinar involving participants from 27 countries (and according to ITS Chair Stephen Schmidt, “from every continent other than Antarctica”) on technology-based Covid-19 tracking and tracing apps.

Message from the Chair

ITS Chair Stephen Schmidt

Dear ITS Colleagues:

(ITS Chair’s Opening Remarks from the ITS Webinar on Tracking & Tracing Apps, September 2020)

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for being with us today.  Thank you for sharing your presence, your time and your ideas.

A big thank you, in particular, to those joining us from challenging time zones:

Our friends on the West coast of North America who are in their pyjamas because it is 5 am local; and our friends throughout East Asia who may also be in their pyjamas, as well,  because it is 9 pm local, or later.

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